Versatile Use

With the Sleek Scrubber's 1200mA battery and its powerful motor, it can clean even the stickiest things right off your dishes. It gets better though, as the Sleek Scrubber can clean your tiles, glass, and more with it's versatile selection of brush heads. You can choose from 6 different heads with each of them all specializing in a specific area of cleaning. Lastly, the rechargeable battery lasts for 6 whole hours, so you can clean your dishes at any time!
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  • ✅ Clean better

  • ✅ Clean faster

  • ✅ Clean pain free

  • ✅ Rechargeable

  • ✅ Custom brush heads

  • ✅ Better grip stability

  • Extra Tough Bristles

    The tough bristles on the brush heads help the Sleek Scrubber scrub away food on your dishes and help leave them shinier than ever.

  • Specialized Motor

    The specialized motor in the Sleek Scrubber helps it stay powered for a long time to help clean your dishes. The long lasting 1200mA battery helps the scrubber stay powered for up to 6 hours!

  • Lightweight Design

    Thanks to its lightweight design outstanding grip you can hold the Sleek Scrubber easier and pain-free.