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Sleek Scrubbers

Sleek Scrubber - Electric Dish Scrubber

Sleek Scrubber - Electric Dish Scrubber

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Discover the convenience of our Handheld Power Spin Scrubber, a durable and lightweight cleaning solution crafted from premium ABS material. With safety features like leakage and over-voltage protection, it's suitable for users of all ages. This cordless scrubber offers the freedom to clean various spaces without the limitations of cords, while its ergonomic design ensures comfort and reduces strain. It comes with two replaceable brush heads, making it a versatile choice for cleaning surfaces such as tiles, glass, and more. The adjustable three-gear settings offer efficiency, and our dedicated customer support is available round the clock for any inquiries. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, this electric scrubber transforms household cleaning into a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. 

Clean Dishes efficiently with the Sleek Scrubber

Why the Sleek Scrubber?

The Sleek Scrubber is a game-changing electric dish scrubber designed to make cleaning dishes a breeze. With its powerful motor, it efficiently removes stubborn food particles without causing strain on your hands. It's the perfect addition to any kitchen, saving you time and effort. 


What will you get?

1. Motor 

2. 3-6 different brush heads

3. Charger

Different Styles:


White Motor

Green Motor

Pink Motor

Brushes Heads:

3 Brush Heads

4 Brush Heads

6 Brush Heads



Product Specifications:Function: CleaningProduct category: Cleaning brushMaterial: PlasticGear adjustment: third gear adjustmentCharging method: USB chargingPackaging size: 225 * 105 * 80mm


Packaging Includes:Cleaning brush X1PCS

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